Acquiring Domains

Acquiring Domains that have Good Majestic and MOZ Stats

domain nameMany have been biased into buying bad and expired domains while their majestic and MOZ stats appeared attractive. This has become a trick that domain buyers have been biased into by the appearance of the domain being very attractive and appearing on the top most searches only to realize that the domain has no life in it. Hence it is wise to make use of the majestic and MOZ to get details on the value of the backlinks and domain before being biased into buying a domain that only has backlinks but spammed ones or an inactive one.

Using MOZ to Acquire Good Domain

• The MOZ will help determine the value of the domain by its algorithmic metrics machine. With it one can find out; the authority of the domain, how well it appears on the websites ranks and its relation to another link.
• Use the MOZ to check the page authority and identify how close certain pages appear related to each other and their ranks in SERPs.
• With the Mo you will know the backlinks to a certain domain and how much value the backlinks have to a cretin domain.

The Majestic

For every domain, a person is interested in buying it is wise to take the domain through a majestic software test. This helps obtain information on the status of expiry, and the majestic will also provide information on all the backlinks data in that SEO domain. In addition, it is a good way to compare different domains and identifying their value and similarity. The two will help acquire a good domain that is high quality.